We’re a group of best friends that fell together while we attended high school in the Cleveland suburbs.

Like true high school sweethearts, we all stayed together…and we’ve made our best friend family bigger by the year, bringing in new partners, old siblings, and other super-cool friends who help keep us laughing & connected to our roots.

We’re currently 10 years deep. 2 of us are married to each other & 2 of us are engaged to each other, several of us own houses and have Masters degrees, 3 weddings are coming in the next year, and (even though we live in more than one time zone) ALL of us still make it home to have Thanksgiving and Christmas dinners together.

Follow our stories from 2009 to present!
(If you ask nicely, Shawn might even let you see the special edition vlog entries from Summer ’09!!!! …but probably not, so don’t hold your breath.)



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