Monthly Archives: May 2010

I’m not one to fall into tradition…

…But i figured most people would be angry with me submitting a 1-sentence post saying, “I’m really happy right now.”


Reading: Becoming Human (Jean Vanier), friends’ home addresses, this commencement speech, catchy song lyrics, texts from Matt Forrest, between the lines, hearty poems

Listening: Kate Miller-Heidke’s “Curiouser” album, “Dracula from Houston,” stories from old friends, advice on AmeriCorps, the mail truck, familiar voices

Watching: the inside of my eyelids for daily naps, the words I write, my dog & cat learn to coexist, my life change, “Scrubs,” school let out for summer, how much water i drink

Wearing: shorts (!!!!), a giant smile, MU sunglasses (going strong), messy updos, a bathing suit every day (I currently have no need to actually wear clothes), tan skin, dresses, lavender deodorant

Wanting: to write more letters than time/my hand/my attention span will allow, to be able to speak French again, oxfriends, a trampoline, no more oil


Playing in the rain is worth catching cold.

Ça va bien, DGCW readers?  I am honored to be the first poster at our new location.  Thanks for doing all the legwork on our move, Chrissa!

So I’m back in Cleveland for ~ the next year as a newly-graduated member of the nonprofit workforce.  How kind of all of you to ask, “Where will you be employed, Ms. Dull?”  If you’re dying to know, it’s this awesome organization.  I’ll be focusing most of my energy on Cleveland-area high school students, getting them psyched up to engage with their local community through service work.  HOLLA!

Fortunately for me, my training doesn’t start until mid-June, so I get a few weeks to myself.  It’s been a very productive period of time, full of tanning, cheap Ohio drinking, bonfires, hanging with old friends, and reading delicious books (and blogs).  I’m 3 books deep already; stay tuned for the Summer 2010 Reading List!

This is far from eventful in terms of my typical blog entry, but it’s been a while since I said hey, so I mostly wanted to let the readers know I’ll be back in full force this summer.  As per usual, I’ll close with an excerpt from my latest reading selection, The World According to Mr. Rogers:

“Often, when you think you’re at the end of something, you’re at the beginning of something else.  I’ve felt that many times. My hope for all of us is that ‘the miles we go before we sleep’ will be filled with all the feelings that come from deep caring– delight, sadness, joy, wisdom– and that in all the endings of our life, we will be able to see the new beginnings.”

Bonne nuit et fais de beaux rêves, tout le monde!

Put me in coach!

Alright Katelyn and Molly, I’m ready to come back into the game…although I am still a busy maniac, but now the beautiful iPad that Jessica got me allows me to connect to this old ghost town of a blog on the go!  More about the iPad shortly…but for now I just want to give everybody an update on this blog and the sad state of it’s design.  I am going to be working on a redesign for it.  Something light, something airey, and something colorful.  Who knows when I will get this done, maybe sometime after our Disney vacation but we will see what these next few weeks throw my way. 

I am currently developing Mr. Padriac Routa’s website and it’s going to be pretty friggin sweet, Pat and I are unleasing the creativity and pushing my personal boundaries as a developer (which is never a bad thing).  Since my last post I have launched Chuckie’s golf cart website, so check it out if you feel like!  I have been busy with side jobs that have stalled in the water and it’s very annoying. 

Racing season is back in full swing and I couldn’t be more excited!  Last weekend I lost in the second round, it was my own fault, I didn’t drive as well as I should have but we will go out this weekend and go for a win. 

Back to the iPad….it’s amazing, I have only used my laptop a handful of times, and it’s usually when Jes is on the iPad playing games or I am doing some side job.  It is so much more than a giant iPod touch like most people tend to say.  I definitely see computing in general turning this way, I don’t see Laptops and Netbooks sticking around and we will see more tablets.  Desktops are too useful to get rid of…for now.

A few weeks back Jes, Chad, and myself, along with the dogs, went to the park and walked and hung out for a while and we noticed that the new part of the Metro Parks that just opened behind Wal-Mart has a sand volleyball court.  I would absolutely love to setup an afternoon with the Dirty M’s playing volleyball and maybe grilling on the grills that they have there?  Think about it…let it marinade for a little while and get back to me! I don’t have a date picked out or anything so we can all just collaborate and figure that one out.

I think all of us need to get together very soon to have a night of drinking and game playing.  I just had the idea of maybe Sunday night we can all gather at Brace…drink some drinks and have fun? I don’t work Monday so I would be all in for that!

So long for now my fellow Dirty M’s I hope it’s not 35 years before I write here again…and maybe next time my post will have more of a subject to it and more structure, this post is truly a cluster-fuck 🙂

Welcome back riders, how was your rideeeeeee

Molly, does your back ache from carrying the weight of this entire website?? I’m sorry I left you here, me of all people, knowing the frustration of rallying our group together to the dontgochasin’ site. Sigh….

Well I’m back, and unemployed, and working on being better than ever. Graduation was windy (in bowling green’s style) but beautiful. And summer came in at the same time it always does, so i think things will settle in more come August. Moving in with my Dad a.k.a. Roomie a.k.a. Eeyore has been better than I could have expected. He is quiet and never puts away his shaving stuff in the morning, but he didn’t ask me to mulch with him and he likes to eat a big dinner (which I appreciate). We had to put tasha to sleep (our German shepard) today and big John was bummin…. But eh, puppies get older.

So home brings back memories of old friends who knew me with frizzy hair and red glasses. I was just talking with Jessica about coming home and re-getting to know all of my friends that knew me when I was little but haven’t quite gotten to know the me that I’m most proud of. It seems weird to think of getting to know people that already know my favorite color, but we’ve been away from the E for a while and I started eating different foods (sort of). Or I started coloring my hair darker shades, sort of. Or I don’t know…the small idiosynchrosices that you only know of others when you spend late nights together.

I’m so busy being nostalgic I’m missing the things right before me.