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The Reason I Like Chocolate

Things you have done in the last few days that make me happy:

  • Planned ahead
  • Spoke your truth
  • Laughed with me
  • …And at me
  • Remembered what I told you
  • Learned something from me
  • Listened to something I thought was important
  • Breathed out deeply
  • Surprised me
  • (Twice)
  • Chose something that wasn’t about you
  • Made me love myself even more than I already do
  • Complimented my pants
  • Weren’t embarrassed
  • Let me in
  • Relaxed me
  • Promised
  • Turned a joke into a hope
  • Trusted the world’s people
  • The Good

Moved to Stillness

Speak with words that you gathered from the ground
Hold a light up to the sky
Give the dove just one more chance to sing
And replace the morning light

“Built for This,” Ben Sollee


Beautiful hope to accompany my many recent late nights.

My people, you were built for this day, this mission, this greatness, this life.


One Billion Rising is the idea that, because nearly 1/3 of women will be beaten or raped in their lifetime, we must rise. TOGETHER. To celebrate our womanhood (or our commitment to being male allies!) against such abhorrent injustice.

I frankly cannot believe we are still fighting battles like this. I recently heard and was struck by the idea that WOMEN are the ONLY majority that is treated like a minority. We make up a massive part of the national (and global) population and still have to found movements that advocate for our basic human rights, our freedoms and liberties, our egalitarian place in society…

It’s insane. It really is. It’s absolutely crazy.

I just wrote an email– tonight, in fact– to the teacher who was in charge of founding & instructing our (sole) Women’s Studies class in high school, and what I said to her was how amazing it is that we, as one of the most self-revered Westernized nations in the world, are so far “ahead” of countries where a high mortality rate is the standard or FGM is widely accepted as a pubescent procedure, and yet we still have only 17% of our legislature made up of women, or a pay gap constituting roughly $.22 for every dollar of a paycheck. We have come so far, it’s true– but we still have so, so much further to go.

I won’t save my soapbox speech for March 8, because I don’t think it should be confined to ONE MEASLY DAY OUT OF EVERY CALENDAR YEAR. IWD is a very important holiday for me, but I would gladly and willingly give up 1 day of awareness for 364 days of progress.

As Eve Ensler so famously and eloquently said in November of 2011, ‘I’m over it.”

And that’s why all day today, my Twitter feed was filled with dance songs dedicated to the proliferation of the #1billionrising campaign. I’ve had enough. I am a joyful spirit, a progressive thinker, a fierce advocate for EQUITY, and a woman with a deep awareness of the structural oppression that holds me back from being the best form of myself in the long run.

If you want to RISE UP with me and get your groove on in honor of the betterment of our “first world” society that still manages to uphold so many prejudices, injustices, and discriminatory policies, you can check out my Twitter agenda for 2/14 below.

WARNING: You may be overcome with the urge to laugh, dance, and celebrate the good in the world.

Ladies to Live by: IWD 2013 T-SHIRTS!

We’re back at it again— a massive movement of matching t-shirts and raising money! Last year’s reach was even bigger than the first year—we had 75 women sporting shirts in 9 states & 3 countries and raised almost $650 for Women For Women International!

This year for International Women’s Day, I asked for group participation, and the shirt design is a direct result of others’ input about who comes to mind when they hear Laurel Thatcher Ulrich’s famous saying, “Well-behaved women seldom make history”: my fabulous designer took more than 100 suggestions and crafted them into this equally fabulous design paying tribute to remarkable women in many fields and eras who’ve made our current existences possible through their tireless labor, struggles, victories, and just the right amount of rule-breaking. Though the list could go on forever, you can see for yourselves a sampling of the rockstars we can hold near our hearts on March 8!


Up close & personal: IWD 2013’s shirt design

Ladies, our common ground goes beyond our chromosomes—I think we’ve all had the presence of inspiring women to serve as examples in our lives, be they famous historical figures, modern-day pop culture warriors, or unsung female heroes in our everyday lives. Had we not had such an abundance of positive role models, where would all of US be? Our 2013 beneficiary, The Girl Effect, aligns perfectly with this thinking. Read about their mission and watch this amazing video they put together.

As always, we have a fitted (option 1) and non-fitted (option 2) shirt option. Anyone is welcome to take part in our movement, but I will need to have your order & payment by MONDAY, FEBRUARY 18, in order to be able to process it and place it with the group’s.

Please comment below or email me (IWDtshirts if you have questions or interest in receiving more details!

P.S. Spread the goodness! This effort is NOTHING without your participation and support. Let the other powerful women in your workplace, residence, friends circle, and family know what you’re part of each IWD and invite them to join, too. PLEASE share/forward this along to other ladies in your network. 🙂

The Eyes to See It

Brilliant stuff.

I’m sick and I should be sleeping to get a full 10 hours to fuel me through my long days and many activities and endless brain threads and extensive commute…but sometimes it’s all building up around us and the best one can do is just sift through the goodness and drink up the beauty and hold fast to the faith that this will serve as one’s energy– one’s refill, if you will (ahem, OASCers)– instead. We need different parts of the spiritual food pyramid too to keep us well, right? 😉

And so, this, from one of my continual favorite sources of wisdom and insight from strangers, Letters in the Mail:

That stuff is always there, right? I mean, everything is always there, every symbol, every network of images or ideas, every coincidence. I believe so, at least. But it seems to me that you just see the ones you need at a given time. If you are ready and wanting to see them, that is. Your imagination, your instincts, your intuition, your animal mind, your f***ing Buddha nature – it’s all smarter than your thinking, conscious mind, which is pretty dumb. So much of art is just finding a way to circumvent it to get to the real stuff.

I am overworked, underrested, stretched thin in finances and time and energy, driving myself crazy with constant thoughts…and yet I haven’t felt this happy, this filled up, this MOLLY-like, in a while. Sometimes each of us does need a break from the world, and that’s ok- in fact, we should give ourselves permission to take that respite. But sometimes, when our eyes and hearts and kind-of dumb minds are feeling ready for something bigger than their own separate selfish existences, we need to drink it all in to try and quench a thirst that may not stop nagging us for a long, long time.

If you’re feeling lost or alone or sluggish or uninspired, don’t pull your lips away from the flowing sources of wonder in your life. Open your eyes. Read the labels. Look for the ingredients that may not have caught your eyes 3 weeks, months, lifetimes ago. Tell your tastebuds to come alive in a new way…and CHUG.

Cin cin.

Ins & Outs

Only a few of you know this, but I recently auditioned for and was accepted into a fabulous Chicago-based a cappella group for young professionals. The group is hilarious, very close-knit (remind you of anything, Loyolacafam?), and will serve as the perfect way for me to start singing (with others) regularly again (though, of course, that won't stop me from putting on my own performances around the apartment. SERRY NOT SERRY, neighbors & roommates!).

Being the youthful, tech-savvy crew that they are, InVox asked all 4 of us new members to send along brief bio-like lists about ourselves to add to the website. A few of the things we were supposed to include were "things I like," "things I don't like," and "guilty pleasure(s)."


I love writing. And I LOVE lists. (It even says so in my bio.) And I also love that my commute takes 1.5 hours via CTA each way every day, because I was able to get caught up in listing dozens of things I love/abhor/do too much of...and since I couldn't possibly bombard my 12 new *besties* with every intimate detail about my favorite things in the world, I thought this would be the perfect place to unload the compilations in their entireties.

Plug: This was SO. MUCH. FUN. You should do it if your brain needs a few minutes between work tasks or if you're having trouble falling asleep or trying to drown out any harping your parents/landlord/significant other is doing. Try it. And then share it with me, for SURE.

Things I like: driving with my knees, social media, big earrings, penpals, striking up heart-to-hearts with strangers, the Wobble, wigs, Hillary Rodham Clinton, crossword puzzles, looking at people's wedding pictures, emoticons, list-making, hidden pockets, mittens attached to each other, ohio-centric clothes & accessories, google calendar, sweet potato fries, dips on dips on dips, consistently tipping more than 20%, standing on stationary objects, printing photos, hearing people's "deal breakers," meeting other Mollys, hyperbolic self-expression, feminist bookstores & nonprofit bookstores & used bookstores & local bookstores, real-life ghost stories, being locked out of places (let's be honest, it's FUNNY), kettle-boiled hot water, honey, outdoor farmers markets, inside jokes, clever billboards, playing bingo but never actually winning, changing into workout clothes but then winding up sitting on the couch eating raw cookie dough instead, corny jokes, hand henna, dive bars (complete with dark wood, window booths, cans of PBR, and/or pool tables), the purple line express, dance (in all forms), DQ mint Oreo blizzards, fresh herbs, goosebumps, pens that write in blue or purple, nostalgia, braids/pigtails/topsy tails/buns, custom-made t-shirts, the sound tap-dancing makes, finding ways to get onto roofs of buildings, skylines (any skyline) at night, the idea of learning sign language, pretty/interesting shower curtains, gauchos, being dipped while dancing with a partner, belgian wheat beer, Sad Keanu, fearlessness tribes, "feel better" songs, taking the long way

Things I dislike: when people end sentences with "so...", bad grammar in general, CTA germs, pencils, poorly-loaded dishwashers, selfies, small talk, pumping gas, Taylor Swift-anything, cynicism, bowling, mushrooms, time zone differences, tapioca, green olives, junk drawers, yogurt with chunks of fruit in it, sunscreen, sand used as a rock salt substitute when it's icy (looking at you, CTA), anne Hathaway, when people insist on making movie recommendations to me, when remaining cook time on the microwave isn't cleared, the smell of public restrooms, slutty Halloween costumes, styling mousse, crocs, unsubscribing from email lists (even ones I hate), those billboards that are on the backs of trucks that drive around during nightlife, online shopping, the fact that Partners was cancelled in Fall 2012, the obligatory gift-buying incited by holidays, the color people's nails turn if they always wear nail polish, strapless dresses, mops, sleeping in a bed with sheets while smelling like campfire smoke, when people talk to me during movies or profound songs

Guilty pleasures: Law & Order: SVU marathons, the Gays, late-night loaded nachos, jaywalking (almost exclusively), Jay & Silent Bob movies, Jbiebs' newest album, judging strangers' reading materials in public places, schnoz attractions, editing papers, pretending I speak French, staying home alone on a Friday, bragging about my chess record (never lost a game...also have only played one game), snuggling with my pillows at night, buying fresh flowers for myself, buying books I probably won't read for more than a year (and maybe never), Kelly Dull's chocolate chip cookies, sleeping through 3 alarms every morning