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Prime-Time TV

So my skimming of YES! Magazine today informed me that the average American watches 4.5 hrs of TV each day. I am almost POSITIVE that my semester total was under 10 hours, but today I decided to be as close to average as possible.

Thus, I just watched 2 hours of “Sing-Off” and .5 hours of “Scrubs” and these are the best lines of the night from US Prime Time:

Some girl from SoCals: “And so when we go out there, we wanna just…rock everybody’s faces off.”
(I only like this one because I said in my last post that I was going to be “journaling my face off.” I think this means that random chica reads DGCW regularly…)

JDurk (the sum of JD + Turk): “Ka-BAM– we just dropped a KNOWLEDGE BOMB on your asses!”
You can count on me employing that phrase sooner rather than later.

That’s all. Only 100 pgs left in book #1 of break, so I’m hoping to cruise through it tonight! 😉