Monthly Archives: November 2012

Thursdays, see ya foreva.

Well, today continued my war-on-Thursdays record of the past 2 months (but not for lack of trying to love them!!!!!!):

  • Came to campus to find a parking ticket in my door
  • My less-than-two-month-old phone got stolen while I was out for a staff lunch (for the record, it was out with me. how does this happen, you ask? great question. if you figure it out, please enlighten me.)
  • I was convinced to get an inside-out grilled cheese (parmesan-coated grilled cheese with white bread and kraft singles) and garlic fries, which sounded like a fun & indulgent idea but literally almost made me throw up during the aftermath
  • Went to a former address for a family I babysit for (turns out, they moved!) and didn’t know the new address (or have any way of reaching them faster than driving to a coffee shop to steal wireless and pray they would facebook message me back)
  • Spent an hour at Target trying to pick out supplies for an event I was asked to help with tomorrow, then my card (and my backup credit card) got denied even though both totally had plenty of balance/credit on them for purchases

But on the bright side:

  • I cracked a walnut for the first time. (!!!!! WHAT? Who am I and what is my life that I’ve never done this before?!)
  • A 9-year-old braided my hair before she climbed into bed.
  • I got a parking spot right outside my front door.
  • Tomorrow is another day, and that day happens to be Friday.

Ah, Brooklyn, Brooklyn, take me in; are you aware the shape I’m in?


And I’m feelin’ good.

Things that are good about today:

  • High 40s are starting to not feel cold to me anymore.
  • Eating celery bites for lunch has cancelled out the garlic powder I’d put on my lunch.
  • Staff meetings are really fun at CCE.
  • Election day energy is ELECTRIFYING.
  • My program got 2 new submitted applications this morning from interested students.
  • Chris Schneider is really entertaining to email back & forth with, and I’m really glad we’re besties.
  • I’m wearing a homemade shirt from my craft time last night.
  • My office has fresh flowers in it because they were sent to my officemate.
  • People have really clever “Go vote!” tweets, facebook posts, texts, & instagrams…and it’s more about using one’s voice than it is about polarized, partisan politics.


“Frankly, I respect politicians like Paul Ryan who are consistently anti-abortion, even in cases of rape or incest. I disagree with them, but their position is unpopular and will cost them votes, so it’s probably heartfelt as well as courageous. I have less respect for Romney, whose positions seem based only on political calculations…If you can figure out Romney’s position on abortion with confidence, tell him: at times it seems he can’t remember it.”

These may be Nick Kristof’s published words, but they are precisely my sentiments for the past 4 months. Integrity is just something Mittens doesn’t seem to have on his side this time around.