Monthly Archives: April 2011

It runs in the family.

As many of you know, last May was the start of a (hopefully) long-lasting tradition that will henceforth be known as Wiggin’ Out.  In honor of the 2nd annual bash, we’ve decided to refer to it as wIIggin’ out.  Get it?

I have ordered three (3!!!!) wigs to help me celebrate this year with no limits.  The first two, short blond wigs that I couldn’t decide between, have arrived.  My sis Kelly and I had a little fun with those two last night upon my return from the Windy City.  We sent this picture and a text to our oldest sister who lives in CA with the caption “Blonds have more fun!”:

To which she soon thereafter responded with this one and a note saying, “So true, so true!”:

I adore my goofball sisters.  (And wigs.)