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Let it Be (Across the Universe)
Mystery of Iniquity (Lauryn Hill)
Hey Ya (The Blanks’ version from Scrubs)
The Ride (Milow)

Things I love: 

Not doing work…and being ok with that for today
Caribou napkins (and especially ones with terrible jokes! YES!)
Iced pomegranate vanilla oolongs
Writing letters (or attempting to)
Mornings immediately following perfect nights


Hoping for:

A fulfilling job in Chicago that simultaneously allows me to pay my bills (bonus!)
SLEEP this summer– when will that happen?! ūüôā
Really neat-o and meaningful interactions with high schoolers all summer
Courage to finally commit to donating my hair this time around

Believing in:

The universe unfolding as it should
TJ’s wine…any wine from TJ’s. Oh, hell, you got me– any wine, period
The path less traveled
Public transportation
The therapeutic effects of laughter













“Oh no you didnt!!! hahaha”

The above is tonight’s best text is from fellow (presumed-never blogging) DGCW blogger, Jacqui “Quackie” Kardes. ¬†I received this message in my phone’s inbox approximately 6.5 hours after setting up a twitter account in her name without her permission; those words were her response to the confirmation email awaiting her. MUAHAHAHA

This post is going to entirely be me bragging about how amazing my friends are.

Friday night we went to the much-anticipated Tremont Art Walk and made it to all of 3 establishments, 2 of which centered around drinking. ¬†The first was an extensive visit to Clay’s place of employment, and because I adore him oh-so-much, I never wanted to leave. ¬†We did leave, and Biz insisted that he see some sort of art or artsy (read: scenester) thing while at an Art Walk, so we went into a store and browsed, mostly finding every owl in the store to show Kate (ChiO!). ¬†We made our way to the Treehouse where we sat on the patio and argued about boys, played truth or dare, and judged the copious amounts of fashion don’ts mingling around our table. ¬†Kate also used a broken-off chair leg as a weapon against our server, which was great…and then Paul King showed up to play for a while! ¬†It was marvelous seeing him and hearing about his current mental and physical location in life.

Saturday was a day with all the ladies– wedding party dress shopping was a (successful) blast, pigging out at Brace was expected and nonstop for 12 hours, naptime and errand-running happened, and we spent time with “the moms” putting together the hand-made Save the Dates. ¬†They are so cute! ¬†I love time with our girlfriends. ¬†Such a great group of people and so much tangible love.

This is my last week of work and I am leaving Friday morning for tons of busy but fulfilling adventures. ¬†It is all happening so quickly (even though it’s been a long time coming) so I have been feeling a little anxious about getting all my stuff done while also having closure with friends. ¬†That is really why I am so lucky to have had such a friend-filled weekend and week.

I was able to stop by and see my mentor (organizer of the Women’s Lunchbox Series I volunteered for this year!) yesterday; her words are always so supportive and inviting for dialogue. ¬†I love the space she creates for others, and I have learned so much about how to “be” because of her. ¬†Her example has helped me hear other peoples’ stories, including one of her own– she met HRC (!!!!!), Bill Clinton, and got a professional compliment from Janet Reno while working on the Crime bill in DC in the ’90s! ¬†WHAT?! So inspiring. ¬†Last night (in true E-town fashion) I had No. 1 Kitchen with Jacq (the dude working laughed at me when I asked if they could make Sesame Tofu), and today Chrissa and Jes treated me to Gourmand’s (YESSSS), where i partook in the irresistable spicy black bean burger and even had a delicious chocolate chunk cookie for dessert.

To top tonight off, fellow UGIVE VISTAs Karen and Marjorie had a wine night with me on Karen’s woods-surrounded back patio in the perfect early summer evening weather. ¬†We had a bottle of red, a bottle of white, lots of laughter, and a great visit from an old friend of Karen’s that I happen to know from camp! ¬†The evening ended in a conversation that may result in yet another blogging project for me…but more on that later. ¬†Cecil¬†Ashley (now married!!) kept me company on my drive home by filling me in on her honeymoon.

Honestly, I am so happy and so blessed to have such an incredible universe of people surrounding me. ¬†Indulgence doesn’t always cause regret or consuming too much calories…though my life is incredibly rich.

A desperate cry for help!



I am notoriously AWFUL at traveling lightly (right, Chicago amigos?), and I will be leaving home Friday morning not to return until Sunday, July 24. Living out of a suitcase normally wouldn’t bother me, but here are the various contexts/responsibilities for which I have to be prepared while journeying:

Chapter 1
Riding in a car for 8 hours.
Being poolside.
Sight-seeing and city-living in DC.
DC night life.

Chapter 2
Doing outdoorsy activities & potentially very involved errand-running/set-up.
Participating in hands-on service projects.
Attending multiple business-attire  presentations, banquets, ceremonies, etc.
Going to meals and classes and having down time with high school students.
Having zany supplies for newly-created events and activities (wig obsessions have never been more practical…?).
Riding on an airplane for 2 hours at 7am.

Chapter 3
See (most of) Chapter 2, but relocate me to southern Ohio.

Chapter 4
Being poolside.
Running around seeing friends.
Engaging in a (very serious, very competitive) trivia night.
Riding in a car for 4 hours.

Overall, the lists seem fairly similar, right? But trying to fit all of that in 1 suitcase feels near impossible as I’m staring at the start of the process that is currently piled on top of my bed. ¬†I can’t help but pack so much when I am uncertain of how often I’ll be able to (or want to) do laundry. ¬†Why do I have a feeling I’ll be paying baggage fees for my flight? ¬†I guess it’s one sacrifice or another: a few bucks for more luggage or saving that money and losing my sanity/preparedness.

OR…the third alternative…YOU give me good pointers for making this happen and putting my soul more at ease about traveling more lightly! ¬†This is obviously the option I most prefer. ¬†Twitter has failed me, but I’m hoping any DGCWers out there will give me a hollaback.

Beautiful Disaster

Reading: The Hours– Michael Cunningham, too many Thought Catalog articles, Twitter updates that make me miss Chicago (thanks everyone), my CEP staff handbook (2 weeks!), old emails to empty my personal inbox

Listening: StoryCorps tales, N*Sync albums (yep, that’s supposed to be plural), the ceiling fan in my room, sounds of hope

Watching: SVU reruns, how much time I spend on the internet post-work, the calendar fly by, best friends get married, Paper Heart with my sister

Wearing: the best sandals ever in existence, a summer tan (!!!!), long hair in a bun, 2 different pairs of sunglasses, happiness on my face

Wanting: closure, to successfully travel lightly, no more money worries, a job at Trader Joe’s just for fun, Moody’s sangria, less clutter and more depth, to get back in the swing of reading/writing


Last week I got a phone call from Altoona, Pennsylvania. ¬†The voice was very young, and the person said, “Thanks.” ¬†You’ve got to elect gay people so that the young child and the thousands upon thousands just like him will have hope for a better life.

Hope for a better tomorrow.

I ask this: that if there be an assassination, I would want five, ten, a hundred, a thousand to rise. ¬†If a bullet should enter my brain, let it destroy every closet door. I ask for the movement to continue because it’s not about personal gain,
and it’s not about ego
and it’s not about power.

It’s about the ¬†“us’s” out there.
Not just the gays but the blacks and the Asians and the seniors and the disabled. ¬†The “us’s.” Without hope, the “us’s” give up. ¬†And I know you can’t live on hope alone. ¬†But without hope, life is not worth living.

So you,
                        and you,
¬† ¬† ¬† ¬† ¬† ¬† ¬† ¬† ¬† ¬† ¬† ¬† ¬† ¬† ¬† ¬† ¬† ¬† ¬† ¬† ¬† ¬† ¬† ¬† ¬† ¬† and you–

you got to give them hope.  You got to give them hope.