Monthly Archives: September 2010

It’s Only Been 2 Weeks???

Most Beautiful Scenery: Botafogo Bay During Noontime Looking at the Sugarloaf Mountain

Biggest Surprise: Authentic Monkey Porn at the Brazilian National Zoo

Biggest Close-Call: Taxi driver who doesn’t speak English dropping us off at the wrong street. Fail.

Most Memorable Experience: Feeding a family of monkeys in the park

Biggest Difficulty: Teaching students who only speak English when they have to, are they talking about me???

Biggest Tourist Moment: Sitting on the “Steps of Rio de Janeiro” from the Snoop Dogg Video: “Beautiful Girls”

Most Awkward Moment: Trying to pay with a credit card at the grocery store, “credito?”

All-in-All: Solid 2 weeks, just too many stories to tell!

Fun Fact: The Brazilian Independence day is this Tuesday, September 4th. Monday, Sept. 3rd has no significance what so ever, but Brazilians figure if they have Tuesday off, why would they come to work on Monday? Thus, 90% of the country doesn’t have to work on Monday!