Monthly Archives: July 2011

Learning from Learners

I have been meaning to post for about a week now and am just so busy and so tired and so present with this staff/program that I put it off until today, a day that was so full of love that I just couldn’t resist any longer.  Warning (or bonus?): this will be a pretty short post. (In retrospect, this is such a hollow promise, but those of you who know me at all should have expected nothing less…)

I received not 1 but TWO letters today from Chicago; I also got to have a 30-minute phone chat with a Chicagoan while texting with Chiroomie about her first day of work (!!!!), and my evening ended with a concert in the park to celebrate a marvelous friend’s birthday.

CLI, CTY, and CEP are acronyms that have become some of my favorites in the world because of what they stand for, what they breed, who they attract, and the seeds they plant in so many young and brilliant minds.  I am privileged to have a life path that allows me to interact with some of the most gifted, insightful, and ENTERTAINING high school students in the world (seriously– from as far as China and the Czech Republic!) because I am reminded of what I care most about and can take time to evaluate how I am working toward (or against) those ideals.

I could gush for hours, and in 2 weeks (after OASC) I probably will because I’ll finally have some time to breathe.  But for now, I’d like to leave you with two thoughts.  The first is from our visit with the Friends Committee on National Legislation in DC, when one of the employees was talking about how stepping into the policy world has given meaning to the things he went through post-FCNL: “There is room in this world for your experiences.”  Beautiful.

The second is from one of the cards I received today, in a (successful) attempt to release me from my ever-present anxiety over my measley bank balance: “You may not have saved a lot of money in your life, but if you have saved a lot of heartaches for other folks, you are a pretty rich man (or woman).” –Seth Parker

As for me, it’s shower time.  Waking up with the students for sunrise yoga, then hitting the field for a day of service, followed by fun afternoon activities, an evening dance, hall bonding, and a jam-packed weekend of incredible adventure.

Blessed is this life.