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The season is summer aka wedding season aka really beautiful brides

I hope this photo uploads properly! My big sister in my sorority has FINALLY become mrs. mayes and it was a fun fun fun reception!!! Certain families you just KNOW they have fun when they are together, and let me please tell you: this family will be fun in their walkers when they are 91 and 94 years old respectively.

I am looking forward to a fun week. Dinner with some college friends monday night before the bachelorette (wahoo!!), dentist appointment (which i’m feeling confident about), and a trip to bowling green at the end of the week. Also, if you know my situation whatsoever—it’s pay day this week and I have been looking forward to that since I started borrowing money from my little brother. I still have my pride.

I have slept on a couch the past two nights and it’s starting to catch up with my neck. I am a very solid sleeper, but apparently I need a soft, pleasant surface over time to avoid a stiff neck.

Molly – Jessica & I are thinking of making a trip down the Wednesday after the season finale of the bachelorette and then leaving Thursday…how does this sound for you? I’ll call you obvi, but we visited with Kelly this morning after brunch and she said wednesdays are fun with wine night. We can all get down to wine. You see the simple addition here all adds up for a great time with really really pretty people…

Song of Solomon 1:2 “Let him kiss me with the kisses of his mouth: for thy love is better than wine.”

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When the lights(internet) go(es) [out] in the city, and your work is centered around it…

So you work as a web developer, a SEO Marketer, or some other sort of web professional and right in the middle of your day, BAM, the internet goes out.  Now I am not talking about going out like the President flipped his mythical switch (like some reports have been saying), but went out like the network is on overload and it kicked back a symbolic “Eff You!” when you tried to refresh a web page.  Frantically searching for your IT Dept., IT guy, Network Admin, or just somebody that knows what to do, the entire office gets into a dull uproar.  Everybody, and I mean everybody begins pelting that person with questions, or just telling them that the internet is out…trust me, they know.  So here is a list of things you can do if your internet goes out…remember I said internet, not power.

  • Work on things locally

    Meaning if you normally have to upload your files to a server and refresh the website, why not work on the project locally?  You will be surprised at how much more you can get done without the distraction of the internet.  Need a server-side programming language? I would suggest turning it on locally on your machine, for instructions on how to do this for Mac OS-X Snow Leopard, click here, for info on how to do this on a PC, please click here.  I know there is more server-side languages than just PHP, but a recent survey from Smashing Magazine shows that is the language of choice for the majority of users.

  • Step away from the computer

    Let’s say you are a designer, or even a developer, sometimes the best devine-intervention to your overworked brain is for the internet to be down.  So grab that trusty pen and paper and begin jotting down ideas.  For designers, maybe you can team up with a developer if a project is in it’s early phase and you can draw out a wire frame for the website.  That allows the designer to know their limits, and gives the developer an idea of what lies ahead.  Designers can also sketch out ideas for logos, custom art work, and other work that they might have to work on soon.  Developers can make check lists, diagrams…database diagrams are always helpful for reducing your time of creating the DB when it is at your feet!

  • Brainstorm

    Brainstorming can be anything from sketching, to writing down words, to taking photos.  Anything that can keep your creative juices flowing and keep the inspiration up.  People tend to sit back and do nothing when the power is out, while sometimes I definitely fall into this group, I feel like having a power outage is a great time to be able to work in ways that would normally look “odd” or look like I was just messing around at work.  You could even hold a last-minute brainstorm session with those that are in your department or working on the same project that you are.

While the internet drives many companies and many different positions in the workforce today it is possible to work without it.  I may have just listed things on the ‘design/development’ side of building websites, but I promise that these three things can work outside of those industries.  Being a good employee not only means turning your work in before deadlines, making that project as good as it possibly can be, but it also means that you have a willingness to adapt to ‘unique’ situations that present themselves in the nine to five world.  So next time the internet goes down at your place, go ahead and give one or more of these a try, your boss will really like that you are going the extra mile to get things done!

The tables have turned, and people HATE it…

So I was reading an article today on a large news website that said that the GOP is blasting President Obama for taking a vacation while there is so much going on right now.  The funny thing is, us Democrats didn’t blast Bush to the extent of making websites like: to blast his decisions of clearing brush at the Ranch in Texas for almost 1/3 of his presidency.  Look, I’m not completely opposed to voting for anybody Republican, that’s just not me, if a person is Republican and makes a stronger case to be our leader than I will vote for them.  But my issue is the backlash that these radical repubs have had in this entire term of Obama’s presidency.  Ok, we get it, you are sour because Obama is a great public speaker, a crowd-mover, a man that can take a crowd of people and make them feel great about the direction of a country…and all you had to bring to the plate was a ditzy ‘Governor’ of Alusssssssska and an old bitter war veteran.  Don’t get me wrong, at first I didn’t mind McCain, I liked his style, no BS…straight to the point, but as I studied him more I found out how little he cared about things like Education, health care reform…that’s oddly ironic considering he is like 106 I believe.  It’s very unfortunate that this country is in the place that it is right now, why can’t Republicans and Democrats have different opinions yet still get a long? I guess peace isn’t something that reaches across the aisles in our government which is truly dissapointing.  As Katelyn touched on in her last post, maybe as you get older it truly is harder to forgive people?  Maybe these elected officials are so old and bitter that they don’t know what forgiveness is?  A good bunch of these people consider themselves Christian, so maybe they should start being more forgiving…nobody shows greater forgiveness than Jesus did.  People hated him, people questioned his power, called him names, threatened him but he forgave even the worst of them!  I know, I know, I just wrote a blog entry on Government and Religion…well as we grow older and ‘wiser’ things like what our government does needs to matter to us just a little bit more…i’m not saying we all need to be professionals in the industry but just need a little food for the brain!  As far as the Christian side of my blog entry it’s what I believe in, everybody has a right to believe in what they want but that’s my case and I’m sticking to it!  On a side note:  Christmas in July/Erin’s going away party one week from today! (7/23) So be there or be    ■

hot, hot, hot!

Does anyone think this summer is just….HOT?? I have had orientation in the county board office (which is where my dad works…so that has been nice having the roomie near, but weird because it’s like “daaaaad, i need to be with my coworkers here!”) But anyways… they keep the air on 70 there! So I walk outside after work and I instantly start melting! But I’m sure in the winter it’s hot from overheating! Is this the subject of an office episode already, because I feel like this is office humor everyone can relate to—employees are never satisfied with the heating/cooling system.

I’m STILL typing on the noisy keyboard: if it ain’t broke, why fix it?

So I wanted to write briefly on the subject of forgiveness. I think I wrote before on the dontgochasin’ site about what it means to forgive someone…but the theme has been on the “back burner” (i hate that expression!) in my life for a while, jumping on me while i feel tired. And as I age, I feel it has become a little more difficult to forgive situations that disappoint me due to my stubborn nature. It’s not even a person that has disappointed me…it’s just SOMETHING that happened–which makes forward motion a little more difficult. There is no dialog I can have with an individual about making our friendship better; there is just an unhealthy knot in my stomach that creeps up when I am never ready. A really, really great gal- Amy Seiffert-just wrote about forgiveness on her blog and a certain part spoke quite clearly to me…
“Forgiveness is the release of the hope of a different past”
Now, some of you may be thinking “Forgiveness, kate(lyn)? You learned this when you were little! You say ‘sorry’ and that’s the end!” But it’s not a person, and it’s not my beautiful (yet annoying) dog Zeus, and it’s not my hardwood floors that stub my cold toes in the morning. It’s me not welcoming forward motion in ALL parts of my life, not just the parts I feel that need change. I grip tightly onto things I’m happy with and I huff and puff about things God could “totally change and would make my life a lot easier.” Where is the fun in growth here? Where is the freedom that I long for, while I’m sitting here crossing my arms and pouting? I suppose forgiveness is a process, and I am an American that loves instant gratification. But I urge you, as my friends, to remain patient with me as I move forward because sometimes it just—isn’t as quick as we’d hope for ourselves.

On one other note…I’m trying to exercise and it’s sort of working–meaning I haven’t died yet. But I sweat too much, which is annoying, and this heat makes me look like I just went swimming running down Sherman Avenue.

I hope you guys are doing well, I miss you!

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