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Why are entire years strewn on the cutting room floor of memories?

My big sister Lyndsay came to town for Christmas this year– best present ever! She lives in LA and the last time we were able to see her was August 2008, so it’s always a special treat when we get quality time with her. My sisters, mom and I went through the bins of keepsakes our mom kept all these years– art projects, report cards, stories we authored, certificates and awards, and even memorabilia from when we were wee little things. Some highlights include: my adorable little red mary janes from when I was less than 1 year old, a note authored by Lyndsay dubbing her as my “bigger, famous sister,” and a “Women in Politics” word search that I completed at the age of 4 (!!!!). Go on, Matt Smola, say it– “that’s my majorrr!!” The world shoulda seen it coming….

I want to share two things with you from my 3rd grade year. The first is a note to me from my Dad on the first day of school. My elementary school had closed down so I was going to a new school for the first time ever; he must have written it to make me feel better. It’s funny how I don’t remember this letter but so many of these pieces of wisdom have stuck with me throughout my life (or at least I like to think so).

Dear Molly Mo:
Good, good morning to you, Peanut! I just wanted to tell you to have a GREAT first day of school as a (can it be true?) THIRD GRADER! Listen carefully to your teachers every day and learn as much as you can every day…you have many special things about you that not everyone has, so be the very best worker that you can be. Be kind to all your classmates and teachers…there is no substitute for kindness and understanding toward others, no matter who they are. Treat others like you want to be treated. Your mother and I are VERY PROUD of you and all that you have learned so far– keep working hard. Mommy and I love you more than you’ll ever know, and we’ll always help you when you need it! Have a great day, and I’m looking forward to hearing about your day.

Shared item #2: “Happiness is…”: 3rd grade edition. I feel like we did more than just 2 of these, but only 2 were salvaged in my bin, so enjoy them and use your imagination to think of what awesome responses I had to finish the statement for the remainder of my 3rd grade year.

8/30/96 Happiness is… Something inside your heart that puts a smile on your face and a song in your heart, friends, reading, playing with my dog and piano.

9/10/96 Happiness is…Staying in shape, playing in water, being in shows and plays, playing with friends during summer rain showers, and reading a good book at school or home.

It was a riot looking through the traces of my life with the people who watched me grow up. It was also full of positive, uplifting notes about how blessed my life has been….though seeing all the things I accomplished up to the age of 18 makes me feel a little bit like I’ve already peaked. Ha, ha. Anyway, I recommend it if you’re bored during any of the remaining time in your break. 🙂