Hangin’ with Mr. Lucas

It is possible that on a spiritual level we are all connected in a way that continues beyond the comings and goings of various life forms. My best guess is that we share a collective spirit or life force or consciousness that encompasses and goes beyond individual life forms. There’s a part of us that connects to other humans, connects to other animals, connects to plants, connects to the planet, connects to the universe. I don’t think we can understand it through any kind of verbal, written or intellectual means. But I do believe that we all know this, even if it is on a level beyond our normal conscious thoughts.


If we have a meaningful place in this process, it is to try to fit into a healthy, symbiotic relationship with other life force. Everybody, ultimately, is trying to reach a harmony with the other parts of the life force. And in trying to figure out what life is all about, we ultimately come down to expressions of compassion and love, helping the rest of the life force, caring about others without any conditions or expectations, without expecting to get anything in return. This is expressed in every religion, by every prophet.


Read more from the fingertips of George Lucas and feel no regret in doing so.

Also, just for fun on Lucas’ last sentence, two intriguing highlights from BBC NewsHour’s interview with Reza Aslan, a theologian who points out that Obama & Pope F “share the same values if not the same politics.”

  • “So, no wonder, then, that when the Pope preaches very similar ideas, the backlash to him from other Catholics, from other CHRISTIANS, is so complete; indeed, many of the same people, particularly in the United States, who so often claim to speak for Jesus are the first to CONDEMN the Pope for what he’s talking about with the poor. But, as I’ve said before, if you’ve got a problem with the Pope’s message, then you’ve got a problem with Jesus.” (2:33 -2:59)
  • I think what you’re seeing from the Pope is a man who is not really concerned any longer with either the bureaucracy of the Vatican or the complaints of these wealthy and powerful Catholic leaders. He is in a position of infallibility, if you will.” (4:57-5:13)

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