All Things Go, All Things Go

In a post-work check-in with my roomie Kylie tonight, I confessed one of the items on my Chicago Bucket List (hint: it involves a red cooler and frantic tweet-begging, Chicagoans…). It’s a running document I’ve had for years and from which, having been here for 7, I continue to cross items off just as frequently as I add new ones.

I thought I made this list somewhere on this WordPress way back in the day but my search into the depths of these archives has proved fruitless, so I first scrape from memory the things I’ve done:


And confess how much more work I have left:

  • Pedal in the infamously secret midnight bike ride led by LUC Professor Gilfoyle
  • Manage to make a butterfly land on me while visiting Notebaert’s Butterfly Haven (perhaps while attending one of their Saturday morning yoga classes?)
  • Ride the Water Taxi
  • Visit the StoryCorps booth at the CCC
  • Do something really fun at Northerly Island (I learned about the snowshoeing adventures too late this year)
  • Go inside the Pullman Clock Tower (look at that neat-o view!)
  • In the same vein: visit the YAB mural near Morse & the Metra
  • Make friends with someone who owns a boat (#selfish)
  • Scrabble Sunday at Swim Cafe (it closed! But is reopening as Awake Cafe soon! Perhaps they’ll continue the tradition…)
  • Meet Ira Glass (let’s be honest– not just a Chicago bucket list item. THIS IS LIFE, PEOPLE.)
  • See Mark Bazer’s Interview Show (“a talk show in a bar” = the best tagline?)
  • Take my dad to Wrigley Field (you know it’s love when I’m taking him to a sports event, y’all)
  • Go to a concert at Ravinia (soon to be crossed off! John Legend on 6/16!)
  • MEET RAHM (my vision board, also known as my fridge, has his face(s) hanging on it for a reason)
  • Have a cab ride where it costs more money for me to get in than it does to drive the distance to my destination
  • Enjoy a Sunday meal at the Hare Krishna temple
  • Visit every “community area” in Chicago (37 down, 40 to go)
  • Nab a late-night tamale from the Tamale Guy‘s red cooler
  • Monday night free barbecue at Maria’s (that’s right, I said FREE NINETY-NINE. Couldn’t possibly love the place any more)
  • Kick up some sand at a Chicago Full Moon Fire Jam
  • Kayak on the Chicago River
  • Be on the air with WBEZ
  • Get weird at Funky Buddha Lounge
  • Indulge in some late-night 23rd-hour Tony’s Burrito Mex (which is so cool/frequented they don’t even trouble themselves to make a website)
  • Bike the Drive (Gene/Jean/Jeanne and I would really rekindle our love after a long winter apart)
  • Sunday High Tea at Pleasanthouse Bakery
  • Submit a request for a block party and have it approved (#WOV05? Stay tuned…)

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