This Little Candle of Miiiiiine: I’m Gonna Share it Onliiiiiine

Well, folks…I just hit “send” on an email, signaling that it’s that time of year again: preparation season for International Women’s Day 2014! Woot woooot.

Last year’s collective sporting of a pro-women t-shirt was the best yet: 87 women, men, & youth ordered shirts from 15 states & 4 countries and raised $650 for The Girl Effect. See our shirts from 2011, 2012, and 2013. 🙂


The 2014 Design
My work in youth development this year has sparked interesting dialogue about inclusion and what it means to be an “ally.” Because of that, I wanted this year’s shirts to promote an incredible woman’s message that can both honor the progresswomen have made (and continue to fight for) AND speak to struggles and causes many of us hold dear to our hearts that perhaps aren’t defined solely by our biology.

The powerful words that 16-year-old Pakistani activist Malala Yousafzai used to address the UN General Assembly in fall 2013 have brought this year’s IWD t-shirt vision to life:

We realize the importance of light when we see darkness. We realize the importance of our voice when we are silenced. – Malala Yousafzai

The 2014 IWD T-Shirt Designs are here!

The 2014 IWD T-Shirt Designs are here!
Option 1: Fitted Next Level Jersey T-Shirt


The 2014 IWD T-Shirt Designs are here!
Option 2: Non-Fitted Anvil Ladies Jersey T-Shirt

 Order your shirt now using this Google Order Form.
Shirt orders AND payments must be received by Monday, February 10!
Click each fit
to view sizing charts: fitted and non-fitted

Our 2014 Non-Profit
This year’s beneficiary takes action for inclusion and using people’s voices to call attention to something that is broken. The Representation Project launched a 2011 campaign that called attention to the unfair portrayals of women in media through its film, Miss Representation. It has since expanded its own mission, aiming to get “all of us working together, girls and boys, women and men, to ensure equality and justice for all.” True to their word, the upcoming The Mask You Live In documentary will explore hypermasculinity and the perpetual harm that one-dimensional, stereoptypical media portrayals cause youth (and society at large).

Ordering Yours (Or a Friend’s!)

  • DEADLINE: Some of our sisters didn’t receive shirts in time for March 8 last year because of tight deadlines and late payments. I am asking that everyone place their orders AND have money to me by no later than Monday, February 10. The earlier, though, the better!
  • ORDER FORM: This year, we’re streamlining things and asking shirt-wearers to place their orders using this Google Form. You can fill out your name, all fits/sizes, your payment method, and any shipping information in one convenient place!
  • PAYMENT: I ask that you pay upfront. I gladly take cash and check payments in person. Online payment services (PayPal, Chase QuickPay, PopMoney, etc.) save you time/stamps, and I can send instructions for any new users.
  • DELIVERY: If you don’t live in Chicago, I’m happy to ship a shirt your way! I ask that anyone wanting shirts shipped to them add $3 to the cost of each shirt. Nothing is cooler than having people WORLDWIDE wearing identical shirts on March 8; I’d love to hit even MORE cities this year!

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