Happiness, Us & Them

“Making yourself happy is the most rewarding experience one can strive for. Set a goal, and work towards it. Do not let anything get in your way. I’m not telling you to abandon your responsibilities, but if a change needs to happen…systematically make your way towards it. When you love something, it should be pursued relentlessly.” – Fox Clearing

Yeah, but…when do we decide if our happiness is selfish and detrimental to the happiness of others? When we follow impulses and revelry rather than long-term and well-sustained, intentionally-crafted happiness?

Read Fox’s full article and help me sort out my thoughts about others’ expectations of our happiness and how to liberate ourselves from those chains without stunting our own growth or deferring our personal dreams. (Please.)


One thought on “Happiness, Us & Them

  1. I didn’t like that Fox article at all, lol. I need a bit to better comment on my reaction though.


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