Bookin’ It

That’s it– I’m making a return to the #26books movement and making time for pleasure reads this calendar year. And I’m taking a page (haHAAAAA!) out of Jack Whitty’s book (read: Tumblr) by keeping a book list of my own on here as well as on #26books (provided that I or someone else can still recover the password from somehwere; MF? Delames? Kel? Al Hal?).

I hope I don’t embarrass myself by not following through on this. 😉 And I also hope that this guilts me just enough that I end my 2013 habit of picking up a book, reading 40 pages, feeling unentertained by all content everywhere, and putting it down with its enclosed bookmark to start another book, only to return to the initial book 5-8 months later and wonder where to/if I should pick it up again.

1) The Namesake – Jhumpa Lahiri (291 pgs)

Boom shaka! It was awesome, by the way. Special thanks to the awesome woman whose little boys I babysit on the reg who lent me the delicious novel.


One thought on “Bookin’ It

  1. Matt says:

    So embarrassing


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