#happyinCLE: A Children’s Picturebook Story

Today I spent most of my afternoon sitting in the sun next to this:


While being kept company by this: 


And reveling in the passage of several of these:

ImageAnd then, lucky me– less than 2 blocks away was a place that looked pretty similarly to but not quite like this:


Inside of which were very hospitable ones of these:

ImageAnd they fed me white wine and fresh produce from the Fresh Fork Market (!) and added two things to my #happyinCLE bucket list (item #1 and item #2) on their 3rd floor deck as we looked at this:


And we examined the questions of our lives– the “who”s, the “when”s, the “why not”s– to fill each other’s hearts and remind one another how much we cared, and we took turns laying out half-serious persuasions for why the other(s) should move to OUR respective city, and we playfully threw uneaten hamburger buns at our departing friends as they walked to their cars while the dusk pastels faded into twilight, and we laughed, and laughed, and laughed, and laughed…

“And the tree”and I“was happy.”


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