One Billion Rising is the idea that, because nearly 1/3 of women will be beaten or raped in their lifetime, we must rise. TOGETHER. To celebrate our womanhood (or our commitment to being male allies!) against such abhorrent injustice.

I frankly cannot believe we are still fighting battles like this. I recently heard and was struck by the idea that WOMEN are the ONLY majority that is treated like a minority. We make up a massive part of the national (and global) population and still have to found movements that advocate for our basic human rights, our freedoms and liberties, our egalitarian place in society…

It’s insane. It really is. It’s absolutely crazy.

I just wrote an email– tonight, in fact– to the teacher who was in charge of founding & instructing our (sole) Women’s Studies class in high school, and what I said to her was how amazing it is that we, as one of the most self-revered Westernized nations in the world, are so far “ahead” of countries where a high mortality rate is the standard or FGM is widely accepted as a pubescent procedure, and yet we still have only 17% of our legislature made up of women, or a pay gap constituting roughly $.22 for every dollar of a paycheck. We have come so far, it’s true– but we still have so, so much further to go.

I won’t save my soapbox speech for March 8, because I don’t think it should be confined to ONE MEASLY DAY OUT OF EVERY CALENDAR YEAR. IWD is a very important holiday for me, but I would gladly and willingly give up 1 day of awareness for 364 days of progress.

As Eve Ensler so famously and eloquently said in November of 2011, ‘I’m over it.”

And that’s why all day today, my Twitter feed was filled with dance songs dedicated to the proliferation of the #1billionrising campaign. I’ve had enough. I am a joyful spirit, a progressive thinker, a fierce advocate for EQUITY, and a woman with a deep awareness of the structural oppression that holds me back from being the best form of myself in the long run.

If you want to RISE UP with me and get your groove on in honor of the betterment of our “first world” society that still manages to uphold so many prejudices, injustices, and discriminatory policies, you can check out my Twitter agenda for 2/14 below.

WARNING: You may be overcome with the urge to laugh, dance, and celebrate the good in the world.


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