The Eyes to See It

Brilliant stuff.

I’m sick and I should be sleeping to get a full 10 hours to fuel me through my long days and many activities and endless brain threads and extensive commute…but sometimes it’s all building up around us and the best one can do is just sift through the goodness and drink up the beauty and hold fast to the faith that this will serve as one’s energy– one’s refill, if you will (ahem, OASCers)– instead. We need different parts of the spiritual food pyramid too to keep us well, right? 😉

And so, this, from one of my continual favorite sources of wisdom and insight from strangers, Letters in the Mail:

That stuff is always there, right? I mean, everything is always there, every symbol, every network of images or ideas, every coincidence. I believe so, at least. But it seems to me that you just see the ones you need at a given time. If you are ready and wanting to see them, that is. Your imagination, your instincts, your intuition, your animal mind, your f***ing Buddha nature – it’s all smarter than your thinking, conscious mind, which is pretty dumb. So much of art is just finding a way to circumvent it to get to the real stuff.

I am overworked, underrested, stretched thin in finances and time and energy, driving myself crazy with constant thoughts…and yet I haven’t felt this happy, this filled up, this MOLLY-like, in a while. Sometimes each of us does need a break from the world, and that’s ok- in fact, we should give ourselves permission to take that respite. But sometimes, when our eyes and hearts and kind-of dumb minds are feeling ready for something bigger than their own separate selfish existences, we need to drink it all in to try and quench a thirst that may not stop nagging us for a long, long time.

If you’re feeling lost or alone or sluggish or uninspired, don’t pull your lips away from the flowing sources of wonder in your life. Open your eyes. Read the labels. Look for the ingredients that may not have caught your eyes 3 weeks, months, lifetimes ago. Tell your tastebuds to come alive in a new way…and CHUG.

Cin cin.


2 thoughts on “The Eyes to See It

  1. Corey says:

    this was wonderful and much needed =)


  2. Hannah says:

    Good post, Molly 🙂 Your words are inspiring. I don’t think about this sort of carpe diem mentality nearly enough…


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