Dose of Courage

Kindness, kindness, kindness.

I want to make a New Year’s prayer, not a resolution.
I’m praying for courage.


– – – – – – – –

When I read Sontag’s words during my time off around Christmas this year, I thought it was such a beautiful sentiment. So often the New Years resolutions we make are redundant, coming from a place of self-depravation, and (if they’re even kept) hardly making us better people.

And so, that’s why I love the artist’s prayer & resolution. “It takes courage,” says EE Cummings, “to grow up & become who you really are.” And it takes courage to be kind to everyone we meet, especially on the days we don’t feel like having compassion in our hearts for that idiot at our office or the jerk who just cut us off.

I hope you all find the strength & courage you need to make the world– or at least yourselves as an element of this world– a better place in some sense. May 2013 bring moments of proving to ourselves that we are stronger than we view ourselves to be, brave enough to do whatever we think we are not able to do, and bolder than we ever could have imagined. This year is bound to be a year of lives well-lived.

– – – – – – – –

“When those who love you speak of a life well lived, we’ll talk about the lines you managed to color outside of, the people you touched, and the ruckus you made. Most of all, we’ll remember how you took a chance and connected with us.”

-Seth Godin


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