“You inhale the experience. So start breathing.”

Listening: Mountains, my body when it says “run!” or “sleep!” or “drink water!,” JSW’s trntbl masterpiece, a “mix tape” from a funny friend, to every kind bone in my body

Reading: the final 5 pages of Reading Lolita in Tehran and then moving onto Persepolis, to-do lists for many aspects of my life, a la card suggestions & CTA directions to those new places, email & article catch-up

Watching: Old friends’ faces flood with laughter on Google Hangouts, more movies than I ever thought I would, weekends fill up & fly by, how I choose to bide my time, my recently-acquired bad habit of complaining

Wearing: buns– lots of ’em, wigs for fun around my apartment, sweaters in 70-degree weather, outfits that make me feel more athletic than I am

Wanting: a volleyball team, this., and then this too., an unlimited travel budget to get where I should be going, more forgiveness in the world, things to come together like I know they will (but don’t know when)


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