TEE SHIRT TIME!!!!!!!!!!! (Obligatory Pop Culture Reference)

This post correlates with one written exactly 1 year ago today in honor of IWD. See last year’s lovely tees here!

Who: Extraordinary females like all of YOU
What: Matching tees (and “genes!”) 🙂
Where: ANYWHERE in the world
When: Now until Feb 11 (less than a week away!)
Why: International Women’s Day 2012—Showing what we’re made of…LITERALLY.

Greetings, all you ladies out there!

It’s that time again: time for International Women’s Day & uniting under 1 shirt for a great cause! Last year, I had a good friend help me turn a vision for a sisterhood-celebrating shirt into reality, and this year she helped me do it again! I’m spreading the word to see who else wants in on wearing these delightful tees as one in a company of extraordinary females all over the globe, from CA to DC to Korea (!!!!!!). Last year, more than 50 of us united for the cause, and we’re aiming even higher this time around.

So many women in my life have endured tough situations, disheartening setbacks, and seemingly impossible challenges this year, only to remain standing stronger than ever. These women (we all know some like that!) and their stories have inspired this shirt’s design: the double-X chromosome that plays on the word “MOXIE,” which is all about the invigorating resilience so many of us see—and celebrate—every day in the females around us.

We're offering this year's IWD shirt in fitted & non-fitted to suit preferences of all interested parties. Here's the non-fitted for you to behold.

As with last year, we’re all paying a few extra dollars so we can send proceeds from this shirt to an incredible women-focused NPO. This year, I’ve selected Women for Women International, which not only supports and empowers women in war-affected areas but also connects them with other women around the world to build a support network! HOW INCREDIBLE.

Anyone is welcome to take part in our movement, but I will need to have your order by THIS SATURDAY, FEBRUARY 11, in order to be able to process it and place it with the group’s. Please comment below or email me (mdull <at> luc.edu) if you have questions or interest in receiving more details!

I think it’s time to “define” our own MOXIE & show the world what we’re made of, from our chromosomes to our core beings. What better day to declare our strength & solidarity than IWD 2012?

(Every other day notwithstanding, of course.)


One thought on “TEE SHIRT TIME!!!!!!!!!!! (Obligatory Pop Culture Reference)

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