I have been thinking so much about all that I am thankful for in my life, and the many ways I intentionally express that gratitude (or perhaps don’t because I am too preoccupied taking certain elements of life for granted). Gratitude– deep, resounding, present authentic– really is a way of life, comme la nonviolence or la lucha para la paz y justicia. With so many joys and such abundance here, right now, where I am, in my life, I try to let each moment remind me to be thankful for whatever I am doing or feeling or anticipating or wishing.

Though, as I’m sure everyone else knows, this is so much easier said (and hoped for) than actually put into practice. I am so easily distracted, discouraged, frustrated, or entitled at times that I don’t fully live this personal mission. Thankfully, my line of work, my community of people, and my ripe old age (HA!) have allowed me to get better at inhabiting a space of thanksgiving as I go about my daily life. Another thing that has helped: having tools (like poems, faith-sharing friends, and daily “the world is still wonderful!” email subscriptions) has exponentially increased my journey of recognizing the beautiful in the ordinary.

Which leads me to SUGAR. I stumbled into this thinking that, because it was on The Rumpus, it would be a funny, silly little release from an advice columnist that perhaps didn’t even deal with “real” written-in letters and requests. I am so glad– dare I say grateful?– to have been proven wrong.

It turns out that post #90 is the best Sunday night reading one could hope for. I am happy to once again be provided an opportunity to begin my week with an air of appreciation. I suggest that you read a few at a time and come back to it throughout your week(s) to remind yourself that this is why we’re here. I’ll leave you with my favorite sentiment thus far in my reading:

I am grateful for that empty place at the table. I am thankful that sometimes people need not know each other to care for them. We are contributing to the stockpile of love in the universe – whether that’s through writing advice columns or finding gratitude in the hardest moments. What we manifest is who we ultimately become.


See also: My favorite thought EVER on the power of gratitude.




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