Listening: Robert Segel’s voice (my new staple now that I’m not up early enough to commute with Steve Inskeep every day), “Yes Man,” old and often not very good mix CDs since I still haven’t recovered my marvelous black case full of them, my own sensibility about certain things

Reading: Bel Canto for my Chicago friends’ book club, mail I’ve received and been neglecting over the past month, Grow Toward the Light in all its goodnessy awesomeness, lots and lots of emails to get rid of my inbox overflow

Watching: my fiber intake, my spirits directly correlate with the temperature of Chicago days, for any news on when HIMYM is new, myself, the insides of a car wash, my students soak info up like a sponge

Wearing: the COOLEST new Ohio-shaped earrings with a star where my beloved CLE is, my “I ❤ NPR” and “CLE” shirts that my cool big sis got me for christmas, more reddish-maroon than ever before thanks to my new gloves & hat + dropping temperatures

Wanting: more hours in the day (or less need for sleep) because I’m having too much fun doing other things to waste time sleeping, for easier ways to ask hard questions, to owe less rent every month, bilingual skillz, to reach my yoga prime yet again


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