Things not cutting it:

fingerless gloves
being paid monthly instead of biweekly
the amount of time i give myself to sleep each night
republican presidential candidates
TJ’s mayo (it’s seriously repulsive)
my non-existent laundry drying rack
canon’s horrible turnaround time re: tax-exept accounts
jbiebs’ “mistletoe” song– i add this lovingly, as i adore him
wbez’s traffic reports that lie to me about traffic on the kennedy


Things totally cutting it:

my 220 rockstar students
re-acclimating myself to the written worlds of journaling and penpals
dorian’s new cat foot (my opinion, def not hers)
vegetarian options on fall menus at local restaurants
the knitting bug, which has officially bitten me again
new friends, gateways to new communities of friends
TJ’s chai latte powder mix
the many beautiful group email chains i’m currently engaged in
all of the books i’ve been getting through for 26books
my gcal and everything it keeps straight


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