Give and you shall receive…a smile.

“There is something wonderful about giving something for nothing. People respond from the heart. Whenever I see a smile on someone’s face I feel honored and privileged.”

-Leon Logothetis, driver of the Kindness Cab


After trying to keep up with his journeys, I missed his one day in Chicago (it was Friday) because I was in Ohio…though, that evening, I did take a cab from MDW to UIC and now I wonder where he was when there were 60+ people waiting in the cab line outside of the airport. 😉

You can find his adventures by googling him and clicking on the multitude of Huff Post updates, or you can check out his twitter at @leonlogothetis.  He’s also trying to generate use of #thekindnesscab on the Twitterverse.

Pas mal, mon ami…pas mal.


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