The Age of Innocence

As many of you know, one of my favorite online sites to peruse is the hilarious, poetic, real-talky, sentimental, heart-wrenching Thought Catalog. Well, today in my Twitter feed, there surfaced a “Losing Your Metaphorical Virginity” essay and I thought it sounded funny so I clicked on it.

Not so funny. But mostly insightful and beautiful…and TRUE.

“Although it’s likely you’ll lose your innocence to heartbreak, you can find it again. You find it in the eyes of someone new or in the pit of your stomach, thumping wildly like you’ve swallowed your heart whole. You regain your “virginity” every time you overcome the darkness betrayal can breed, every time you find yourself vulnerable in spite of your past, every time you walk around with a stupid grin on your face for no reason and every reason. You take ownership of your innocence when you learn that your first time doesn’t have to be your last time. When someone shows up armed and ready to fight your predilection for distrust, and you, in turn, let your guard down because you desperately want that person to wage war with your common sense, there’s nothing more innocent than that.”

The whole piece is really just marvelous. Bravo, Steph G.


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