Let it Be (Across the Universe)
Mystery of Iniquity (Lauryn Hill)
Hey Ya (The Blanks’ version from Scrubs)
The Ride (Milow)

Things I love: 

Not doing work…and being ok with that for today
Caribou napkins (and especially ones with terrible jokes! YES!)
Iced pomegranate vanilla oolongs
Writing letters (or attempting to)
Mornings immediately following perfect nights


Hoping for:

A fulfilling job in Chicago that simultaneously allows me to pay my bills (bonus!)
SLEEP this summer– when will that happen?! 🙂
Really neat-o and meaningful interactions with high schoolers all summer
Courage to finally commit to donating my hair this time around

Believing in:

The universe unfolding as it should
TJ’s wine…any wine from TJ’s. Oh, hell, you got me– any wine, period
The path less traveled
Public transportation
The therapeutic effects of laughter












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