A desperate cry for help!



I am notoriously AWFUL at traveling lightly (right, Chicago amigos?), and I will be leaving home Friday morning not to return until Sunday, July 24. Living out of a suitcase normally wouldn’t bother me, but here are the various contexts/responsibilities for which I have to be prepared while journeying:

Chapter 1
Riding in a car for 8 hours.
Being poolside.
Sight-seeing and city-living in DC.
DC night life.

Chapter 2
Doing outdoorsy activities & potentially very involved errand-running/set-up.
Participating in hands-on service projects.
Attending multiple business-attire  presentations, banquets, ceremonies, etc.
Going to meals and classes and having down time with high school students.
Having zany supplies for newly-created events and activities (wig obsessions have never been more practical…?).
Riding on an airplane for 2 hours at 7am.

Chapter 3
See (most of) Chapter 2, but relocate me to southern Ohio.

Chapter 4
Being poolside.
Running around seeing friends.
Engaging in a (very serious, very competitive) trivia night.
Riding in a car for 4 hours.

Overall, the lists seem fairly similar, right? But trying to fit all of that in 1 suitcase feels near impossible as I’m staring at the start of the process that is currently piled on top of my bed.  I can’t help but pack so much when I am uncertain of how often I’ll be able to (or want to) do laundry.  Why do I have a feeling I’ll be paying baggage fees for my flight?  I guess it’s one sacrifice or another: a few bucks for more luggage or saving that money and losing my sanity/preparedness.

OR…the third alternative…YOU give me good pointers for making this happen and putting my soul more at ease about traveling more lightly!  This is obviously the option I most prefer.  Twitter has failed me, but I’m hoping any DGCWers out there will give me a hollaback.


2 thoughts on “A desperate cry for help!

  1. Ashley says:

    I definitely posted this on my tumblr.. love it!


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