Beautiful Disaster

Reading: The Hours– Michael Cunningham, too many Thought Catalog articles, Twitter updates that make me miss Chicago (thanks everyone), my CEP staff handbook (2 weeks!), old emails to empty my personal inbox

Listening: StoryCorps tales, N*Sync albums (yep, that’s supposed to be plural), the ceiling fan in my room, sounds of hope

Watching: SVU reruns, how much time I spend on the internet post-work, the calendar fly by, best friends get married, Paper Heart with my sister

Wearing: the best sandals ever in existence, a summer tan (!!!!), long hair in a bun, 2 different pairs of sunglasses, happiness on my face

Wanting: closure, to successfully travel lightly, no more money worries, a job at Trader Joe’s just for fun, Moody’s sangria, less clutter and more depth, to get back in the swing of reading/writing


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