Last week I got a phone call from Altoona, Pennsylvania.  The voice was very young, and the person said, “Thanks.”  You’ve got to elect gay people so that the young child and the thousands upon thousands just like him will have hope for a better life.

Hope for a better tomorrow.

I ask this: that if there be an assassination, I would want five, ten, a hundred, a thousand to rise.  If a bullet should enter my brain, let it destroy every closet door. I ask for the movement to continue because it’s not about personal gain,
and it’s not about ego
and it’s not about power.

It’s about the  “us’s” out there.
Not just the gays but the blacks and the Asians and the seniors and the disabled.  The “us’s.” Without hope, the “us’s” give up.  And I know you can’t live on hope alone.  But without hope, life is not worth living.

So you,
                        and you,
                                                    and you–

you got to give them hope.  You got to give them hope. 


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