I Just Wanna Feel

Seriously, I don’t know if I would be aware of anything going on anywhere outside of a 15-foot radius of me if I didn’t use social media as heavily as I do…

Thanks to a facebook status from a Missourian, I became aware of the sweeping storm that caused copious amounts of damage and death in the southern part of the state last night.  News reports are likening the state of the town to a post-WWII location, and the photos are just unbelievable.  My heart goes out to so many people, and I hope that neighboring areas move quickly to offer assistance and help meet the needs of the residents.

I finished reading a book for 26books last night called Say You’re One of Them, and I’ll use my own words that I’d sent to the person who gave it to me:  “My heart hurts.  But it was so good in its unrelenting sadness.”  I read 350 pages of people hating people, killing people, deceiving people, and instilling fear into those around them for various reasons.  I was thankful to have read the book (and to be reminded that the stories in there are based on some people’s realities), but I was also left asking myself why there were not more people who were able to feel for their fellow humans, based on that humanity and nothing more.  We spend so much of our lives, our time on earth, making labels and categorizing and stigmatizing to trick ourselves into thinking we’re different.  I both went to bed and woke up with an appetite for compassion, empathy, small unexpected acts of solidarity.

And then, when I went to check the 10-day forecast on weather.com (probably to complain about how 8 out of those 10 days have rain/storms forecasted…which is true), I saw this on the front page:


Video description: “Meteorologist Mike Bettes is overcome as he reports live from Joplin, Missouri. Bettes and his crew arrived on the scene of this devastating tornado less than an hour after it hit.”



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