Brisk Walk in the [Rogers] Park

Two  posts in a matter of hours?! I am really on a roll.

There isn’t much better in the world than waking up after a full night’s sleep and being with 2 of your favorite personal “fearlessness tribe” members.  I poked around for a short while and took my time waking up (and blogging), then contacted an old advisor from my LUC days for a quick morning chat at Kitchen Sink.  In an attempt to both soak in city life and save a few bucks, I took to the sidewalk and started my Friday morning with a brisk 2 mile walk.


The conversation that ensued was so delightful and I am so thankful to have people in my life who not only urge me to ask the right questions but who also confide in me and affirm that my presence is worth something to them.  This person managed to do both of those things very, VERY well in 75 minutes.

I think this morning has served as a great reminder of the things that are important for me to live a fulfilling life and what really is the “excess” that doesn’t necessarily make my journey more enjoyable as much as it makes it more cluttered and burdensome.  Traveling lightly will hopefully become something I am more comfortable with on my adventures in packing from now until August.  And I am thankful that the Universe constantly reminds me (very politely) that it unfolds very brilliantly if I choose to seize the opportunities waiting for me along the way.


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