A la Cold Couch

I’M IN CHICAGO!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

While Alli Rosen & Matt Forrest work to combat poverty and expand opportunity today, I’ll be taking to the streets for a day of exploration, solitude, and reentry into urban life.  At the risk of encouraging stalkers, these are my definite must-visit locations for the day:

And while I feel like I should add more to that list, I really just want to enjoy my day to myself to reflect on some things and figure out exactly how my life will work for the next 3 months.  I think I’ll resist the urge to make too regimented a schedule for the day…and I also think I’ll refrain from buying a CTA pass for the day and stroll my way to A-ville, like the good ol’ days [when I would lose my U-Pass and be forced to walk everywhere].

This weekend: WIIGGIN’ OUT.  My red wig (now known to cyberworld as The Hong Kong Beauty) didn’t arrive in time, so I will be blonding myself for the entire weekend.  Tonight will be an in-house rave, and tomorrow will consist of daytime playtime (at Green City Market! and Pita Pit! and blah blah blah!) followed by revisiting our favorite local watering hole(s) to wreak a little havoc.  No, it’s not the same as doing this on a plain weeknight like last year, but it’ll do just beautifully regardless.

As for life decisions, so much has ALMOST fallen into place but something in my gut is recently making me nervous about…pretty much everything.  Time to dive in deep with questions and really ask myself what I’m looking for out of this summer and the next year of my life.

Any advice from you, world?


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