It’s all happening!


Well, well, well. 🙂 I just got done hanging with Jacq, Jes, and Katelyn (with a splash of KDull in the mix).  We were being old ladies– had brunch, gossiped a little, organized a book club for the next 5 months, and then we knitted baby hats for a few hours.  Kate even complained about her arthritis 😉

We were at Mulligan’s last night (the Wolfey’s of Avon? yuuuup) and just about to leave when who walks in but my friend Bryce, a wonderful fellow I knew (of) through some friends in high school but who also dated a fellow Rambler.  We’d recently bonded at the ACTUAL Wolfey’s about 2 months ago so I was excited to see him, and then from behind him emerges…COREY TAYLOR.  CT is my favorite person to harass via text about our friendship falling off in recent years. 😉  He just moved home in December so we were excited to see each other and catch up; I was filled in by his posse that he is “Corey Taylor 2.0” so I’ll be intrigued to hear about all the changes college forced onto him. (HA!) The gang’s going out for sushi tonight and I’m tagging along (chopstick win, Britty!).

Side note: Britt and I have decided to give up conventional utensils for Lent…once it arrives, at least.  I’m really looking forward to chopstick creativity and more avid use of my hands for food!

Anyway, to fill you in, I have a few goals (errrybody’s hating on New Years resolutions, but I say why not?) I am currently living up to for 2011.  Keep in mind that these are minimums for me:

  • Write 2 letters a week
  • Read 26 books this year (avg. 2 books/month) [we’re blogging about it!]
  • Write 1 blog post per week (either on DGCW or 26books)
  • Drink 1 Nalgene of water during each day at the office
  • Commit to 50-minute yoga sessions 2x week

So far, I’ve exceeded most of them and broken even with the rest.  Guilt-trip me into continuing to do so, DGCW lovers!

PS check out this yummy recipe I made for brunch today. 😉


One thought on “It’s all happening!

  1. mollydull says:

    How can I possibly wink that often in a blog post? I should make less emotocons another “goal” of mine for 2011…


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