And to all a good night

Wow, what a night that turned into.  With all of the craziness of the holiday season and especially for Jes and I around Christmas it was nice to see everybody having a great time.  I am still recovering from the headache and stomach ache from drinking too many delicious beverages but it was worth it.  The highlight of the night for me was definitely ‘Butt-Darts’.  Nothing brings a group closer together than rooting for another persons skills win a quarter and their butt.  Another great highlight to last night was seeing the Shepkas!  I think its so cool that our group of friends still like to hang out…and I think it’s even cooler that the Shepkas hang with us from time to time as well.  Well today is my friday and ibcouldnt be happier, I getbto spend the rest of this week with two goldens, a couch,  and last but certainly not least Jes!   Cheers everbody!!!

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One thought on “And to all a good night

  1. Terri S says:

    It sounds like we missed half the fun! I had a feeling things were going to get “ugly”. Anyway we had a blast. Shep and I were saying that you were all great kids at EHS and you’ve turned into great people too. Thanks for the invite and let us know when you want to hang out with the “old people” again!


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