The fun has (re)arrived

Thought i forgot about ya….didn’t cha.

Here we are again!  Let’s get it going.  Friends, the holiday’s are upon us:  Busy, cozy, Ohio-weather, travel, cold, frosty, car-scraping, fireside, traffic-jams, Christmas trees, carols, Jesus’ birthday…let’s keep each other posted on the joys, frustrations, and overall moods of this season.  I know it has been a transitional time for most of us!  I think the blog can perhaps serve as another way to voice these transitions to each other in a thoughtful way!

SO!  Cubical life has progressed slowly.  Monday’s come too quickly and I blink once before Friday night has totally passed.  I think this has more become a social experiment of how much an extrovert can take a desk job.  The research that we do is much less creative and more complying to the MAN, which perhaps was my initial let down.  I thought I would be doing what I did at University but it is much more FDA standards that we edge right up to—which is a blessing and a curse when you’re the one typing numbers in a computer.  (email me for a prompt response…email me anything really.  i’ll respond)

I have already started Christmas shopping!!

We sort of tried to poll everyone about what we are doing for our thanksgiving party….do we actually have an answer about this?  I bought a dress, but obviously that can stay on the hanger for new year’s, if necessary.  No pressure, I’m just saying.  I’m not talking about dinner which is totes happening but i mean, you know brah, THE party.

I’m currently reading: this book i got from the library book sale that has an awesome main character.  She challenges a lot for the time period in the 1920’s and she’s self-made which is cool and makes the book.  I don’t know the name or the author.  This was an awesome story.

Off to get drinks with chad and then see a movie with efritty!! #thankful #sweet #chadalliac #relieved #looklikeijustgothugged



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