Ola from Rio!!

Well I’m 4 daysish in and having a ball! My flights were not bad, minus my unsuccessful conversation with a group of Brazilians on the plane, who I later found out were trying to get donations for their Cosmetics organization? Anywho, following our arrival, we were greeted by a non-Brazilian looking woman and a very-Brazilian looking man. We were given a quick tour of the area and an escort to our new apartment (which is over 100 yrs old, but looks about as Rio as possible – it has personality). They then took us to lunch – breathtaking! It was on the 30th floor of a hotel. I ate next to a wall-sized window that overlooked the entire east side of the city along the Copacabana beach – easily one of the most incredible things I’ve ever seen.

Beyond our magnificent orientation, Rio life has been nice. I’ve swam in the ocean twice already and toured much of the city. Life is very cramped here – often an apartment stacked on 3 other apartments, stacked on a fitness center, stacked on a diner or shop. There are constantly people crowding the streets, speaking a language (Portuguese, of course) that I don’t understand a word of but continue trying to decode. I am currently only teaching a few periods out of the day, giving me plenty of time for planning and relaxing. Life is good here. This is long enough for now, I will keep the world (aka Katelyn, maybe Molly and Chris?) updated as I go.

Abrigado e tchau!!



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