What it means to “Sleep like a rock”

If i’m the only one out there…I guess that’s what it is coming down to bloggers.

An introduction to becoming one with nature.  Awesome weekend of camping!  I hope pictures are uploaded soon so I can:

1. untag the unfortuante ones of me sleeping sitting straight up and,

2. see what my friends look like with too much beer and not enough shower-age.

Our canoeing trip was definately a highlight!  We thought we were moving too fast down the river so we stopped at any sunny patch possible and whenever our canoes got stuck on the rocks.  Four hours into this adventure we realized we were not even halfway finished (backfire).  So we paddled on down the river despite the rain and a few physical wounds.  MVP of this event: Parker.  He didn’t jump out of the moving canoe AND he pooped upstream of a man sitting in a lounge chair IN the river.  Touche Parker, touche. (he’s a dog, fyi)

Kelly was a great tent partner because she didn’t mind my snoring and she complained about the bugs even more than I did, making me look more hardcore.    Pick someone who’s complaining is funny because when the bugs are biting and the rain is falling, you’re going to want the funny one maybe even more than the practical tent partner.

Attached is a picture of me at the Kings of Leon concert!  Erika told me it was not super cool to get a picture in front of the  stage so that’s as close as she was cool with.  It was a very fun show!!

Seen any good movies lately?


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