The tables have turned, and people HATE it…

So I was reading an article today on a large news website that said that the GOP is blasting President Obama for taking a vacation while there is so much going on right now.  The funny thing is, us Democrats didn’t blast Bush to the extent of making websites like: to blast his decisions of clearing brush at the Ranch in Texas for almost 1/3 of his presidency.  Look, I’m not completely opposed to voting for anybody Republican, that’s just not me, if a person is Republican and makes a stronger case to be our leader than I will vote for them.  But my issue is the backlash that these radical repubs have had in this entire term of Obama’s presidency.  Ok, we get it, you are sour because Obama is a great public speaker, a crowd-mover, a man that can take a crowd of people and make them feel great about the direction of a country…and all you had to bring to the plate was a ditzy ‘Governor’ of Alusssssssska and an old bitter war veteran.  Don’t get me wrong, at first I didn’t mind McCain, I liked his style, no BS…straight to the point, but as I studied him more I found out how little he cared about things like Education, health care reform…that’s oddly ironic considering he is like 106 I believe.  It’s very unfortunate that this country is in the place that it is right now, why can’t Republicans and Democrats have different opinions yet still get a long? I guess peace isn’t something that reaches across the aisles in our government which is truly dissapointing.  As Katelyn touched on in her last post, maybe as you get older it truly is harder to forgive people?  Maybe these elected officials are so old and bitter that they don’t know what forgiveness is?  A good bunch of these people consider themselves Christian, so maybe they should start being more forgiving…nobody shows greater forgiveness than Jesus did.  People hated him, people questioned his power, called him names, threatened him but he forgave even the worst of them!  I know, I know, I just wrote a blog entry on Government and Religion…well as we grow older and ‘wiser’ things like what our government does needs to matter to us just a little bit more…i’m not saying we all need to be professionals in the industry but just need a little food for the brain!  As far as the Christian side of my blog entry it’s what I believe in, everybody has a right to believe in what they want but that’s my case and I’m sticking to it!  On a side note:  Christmas in July/Erin’s going away party one week from today! (7/23) So be there or be    ■


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