hot, hot, hot!

Does anyone think this summer is just….HOT?? I have had orientation in the county board office (which is where my dad works…so that has been nice having the roomie near, but weird because it’s like “daaaaad, i need to be with my coworkers here!”) But anyways… they keep the air on 70 there! So I walk outside after work and I instantly start melting! But I’m sure in the winter it’s hot from overheating! Is this the subject of an office episode already, because I feel like this is office humor everyone can relate to—employees are never satisfied with the heating/cooling system.

I’m STILL typing on the noisy keyboard: if it ain’t broke, why fix it?

So I wanted to write briefly on the subject of forgiveness. I think I wrote before on the dontgochasin’ site about what it means to forgive someone…but the theme has been on the “back burner” (i hate that expression!) in my life for a while, jumping on me while i feel tired. And as I age, I feel it has become a little more difficult to forgive situations that disappoint me due to my stubborn nature. It’s not even a person that has disappointed me…it’s just SOMETHING that happened–which makes forward motion a little more difficult. There is no dialog I can have with an individual about making our friendship better; there is just an unhealthy knot in my stomach that creeps up when I am never ready. A really, really great gal- Amy Seiffert-just wrote about forgiveness on her blog and a certain part spoke quite clearly to me…
“Forgiveness is the release of the hope of a different past”
Now, some of you may be thinking “Forgiveness, kate(lyn)? You learned this when you were little! You say ‘sorry’ and that’s the end!” But it’s not a person, and it’s not my beautiful (yet annoying) dog Zeus, and it’s not my hardwood floors that stub my cold toes in the morning. It’s me not welcoming forward motion in ALL parts of my life, not just the parts I feel that need change. I grip tightly onto things I’m happy with and I huff and puff about things God could “totally change and would make my life a lot easier.” Where is the fun in growth here? Where is the freedom that I long for, while I’m sitting here crossing my arms and pouting? I suppose forgiveness is a process, and I am an American that loves instant gratification. But I urge you, as my friends, to remain patient with me as I move forward because sometimes it just—isn’t as quick as we’d hope for ourselves.

On one other note…I’m trying to exercise and it’s sort of working–meaning I haven’t died yet. But I sweat too much, which is annoying, and this heat makes me look like I just went swimming running down Sherman Avenue.

I hope you guys are doing well, I miss you!

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