My work’s services are finally getting recognized locally!

The Chronicle wrote an article on the ability to log on to the Clevnet Library systems online media collection and be able to download them straight to your smartphone or computer.  The site that is on that girl’s phone is one that we have done for a long time! We have mobile versions of almost all 400+ websites that we host and it truly is a great service if you;  A: Always have late fees (those are a thing of the past with eMedia) B: Can never get to the library on time because they typically have odd hours for those workin folk. The online collection is open 24/7 and if you download audiobooks on your computer you can transfer them to just about any device you wish.  I am in no way an official spokesperson for my company, but I just wanted to inform you guys in a little bit more on what we do and yes, we offer these services to our local libraries!  Take a look, read it over and tell me what you think!  The URL for the Clevnet eMedia Collection (the one that you would use with an Elyria Public Library Card) is



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