computers are tricky, confusing devices

sooo…. i plugged my desktop computer into the wall.  i ravaged the basement for an old computer keyboard and i found one that types very loudly and the “backspace” button is confusingly small (which means i hit 5 buttons when i try and backspace 1)  By this point,  I became distressed and had to scoop iced cream into a coffee cup and take a break.  No need to over-do it here.  After calling my dad in, i found out how to “find” the internet (only took about 5 minutes to locate the small icon since he didn’t have his glasses on and i didn’t know what we were looking for).  Now i dragged all my music into another folder.  I’m currently downloading the newest itunes, and i’m going to start that scene over again.  my ipod was goofing up and—with my keen sense of technology—i thought starting fresh with my music altogether was my best and/or only option.  gosh, this keyboard really is loud.

i feel like i have lots of news to talk about but it’s like, i’m sort of tired.  i had no idea this computer thing was going to take so much out of me.


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