I’m not one to fall into tradition…

…But i figured most people would be angry with me submitting a 1-sentence post saying, “I’m really happy right now.”


Reading: Becoming Human (Jean Vanier), friends’ home addresses, this commencement speech, catchy song lyrics, texts from Matt Forrest, between the lines, hearty poems

Listening: Kate Miller-Heidke’s “Curiouser” album, “Dracula from Houston,” stories from old friends, advice on AmeriCorps, the mail truck, familiar voices

Watching: the inside of my eyelids for daily naps, the words I write, my dog & cat learn to coexist, my life change, “Scrubs,” school let out for summer, how much water i drink

Wearing: shorts (!!!!), a giant smile, MU sunglasses (going strong), messy updos, a bathing suit every day (I currently have no need to actually wear clothes), tan skin, dresses, lavender deodorant

Wanting: to write more letters than time/my hand/my attention span will allow, to be able to speak French again, oxfriends, a trampoline, no more oil


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