Put me in coach!

Alright Katelyn and Molly, I’m ready to come back into the game…although I am still a busy maniac, but now the beautiful iPad that Jessica got me allows me to connect to this old ghost town of a blog on the go!  More about the iPad shortly…but for now I just want to give everybody an update on this blog and the sad state of it’s design.  I am going to be working on a redesign for it.  Something light, something airey, and something colorful.  Who knows when I will get this done, maybe sometime after our Disney vacation but we will see what these next few weeks throw my way. 

I am currently developing Mr. Padriac Routa’s website and it’s going to be pretty friggin sweet, Pat and I are unleasing the creativity and pushing my personal boundaries as a developer (which is never a bad thing).  Since my last post I have launched Chuckie’s golf cart website, http://www.chuckscustomcarts.com/ so check it out if you feel like!  I have been busy with side jobs that have stalled in the water and it’s very annoying. 

Racing season is back in full swing and I couldn’t be more excited!  Last weekend I lost in the second round, it was my own fault, I didn’t drive as well as I should have but we will go out this weekend and go for a win. 

Back to the iPad….it’s amazing, I have only used my laptop a handful of times, and it’s usually when Jes is on the iPad playing games or I am doing some side job.  It is so much more than a giant iPod touch like most people tend to say.  I definitely see computing in general turning this way, I don’t see Laptops and Netbooks sticking around and we will see more tablets.  Desktops are too useful to get rid of…for now.

A few weeks back Jes, Chad, and myself, along with the dogs, went to the park and walked and hung out for a while and we noticed that the new part of the Metro Parks that just opened behind Wal-Mart has a sand volleyball court.  I would absolutely love to setup an afternoon with the Dirty M’s playing volleyball and maybe grilling on the grills that they have there?  Think about it…let it marinade for a little while and get back to me! I don’t have a date picked out or anything so we can all just collaborate and figure that one out.

I think all of us need to get together very soon to have a night of drinking and game playing.  I just had the idea of maybe Sunday night we can all gather at Brace…drink some drinks and have fun? I don’t work Monday so I would be all in for that!

So long for now my fellow Dirty M’s I hope it’s not 35 years before I write here again…and maybe next time my post will have more of a subject to it and more structure, this post is truly a cluster-fuck 🙂


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