Welcome back riders, how was your rideeeeeee

Molly, does your back ache from carrying the weight of this entire website?? I’m sorry I left you here, me of all people, knowing the frustration of rallying our group together to the dontgochasin’ site. Sigh….

Well I’m back, and unemployed, and working on being better than ever. Graduation was windy (in bowling green’s style) but beautiful. And summer came in at the same time it always does, so i think things will settle in more come August. Moving in with my Dad a.k.a. Roomie a.k.a. Eeyore has been better than I could have expected. He is quiet and never puts away his shaving stuff in the morning, but he didn’t ask me to mulch with him and he likes to eat a big dinner (which I appreciate). We had to put tasha to sleep (our German shepard) today and big John was bummin…. But eh, puppies get older.

So home brings back memories of old friends who knew me with frizzy hair and red glasses. I was just talking with Jessica about coming home and re-getting to know all of my friends that knew me when I was little but haven’t quite gotten to know the me that I’m most proud of. It seems weird to think of getting to know people that already know my favorite color, but we’ve been away from the E for a while and I started eating different foods (sort of). Or I started coloring my hair darker shades, sort of. Or I don’t know…the small idiosynchrosices that you only know of others when you spend late nights together.

I’m so busy being nostalgic I’m missing the things right before me.


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