Am I that big of a mood-killer?

So did my last post REALLY dampen everyone’s desire to blog that badly that no one has posted since? I’m a terrible team blogger, apparently.

In an attempt to turn it around before I go prepare my apartment for a JESSICA SHOBER VISIT (!!!!!!!), I will fill in my favorite format of life summarization:

Reading: Eating Animals, What is the What, my calendar, my syllabi, job descriptions galore
Listening: Music from my once-alive laptop (thank goodness for external hard drives), Loyolacappella’s Lake Show prep, my new phone’s stellar ringtones, Dorian’s incessant purring
Watching: Sports (I don’t even like baseball), the seasons change, youtube videos (“Sassy Gay Friend” and a revisited obsession with the “Hastily Made Cleveland Tourism” Vids)
Wearing: rain boots, MU ASG sunglasses (thanks, Matthew J. Forrest!!), a bookbag, dresses, my contacts too much
Wanting: letters (but I’m a terrible penpal this semester and don’t send responses enough to get any of these), focus & order, more sleep, to move home, a job offer

It was SO incredibly good to be home this weekend. Weekend ratings: Wolfy’s gets a thumbs down, Train Station (always) gets a thumbs up, and The Feve (frequently) gets a thumbs up, though I could do without the medieval zombie movies. Makes me look forward to a summer in the E with some of my favorite [dirty] people. I’m talking to you, fellow DM bloggers…!!!

“When I let go of what I am, I become what I might be.”– Lao Tzu


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