my wireless internet it taking longer than usual to load

perhaps my wifi wishes it was still on spring break, too!

i had a really really amazing break with some of my college girlfriends in nashville and then with the regulars in elyria. nashville is absolutely beautiful, it doesn’t even need green grass to show off it’s landscaping or the unique was the city has a large lawn with it. we went to a second-hand clothing store that only accepted designer items (which seems like a contradiction in itself…do designers wish they got comission on stores such as these?) and i tried on very fun business suits and stuff but walked out with a t-shirt (satisfied). there was a quirky coffee shop that i really liked called “fido”—all of the drinks were cleverly named around dog stuff. i’m having trouble thinking of an example on the spot, but it made me want to open a shop were people could get any kind of drink they wanted.
on to elyria, someone thought i was a mother. not like i was babysitting and just walking around with a baby on my hip (which doesn’t really sound rational either, but i’m trying to help this guy out) but someone literally thought i was OLD! this makes me uncomfortable. so i told my dad trying to get the sympathy vote and he replies “at least we weren’t standing together, someone might have thought we were dating.” thank you, dad, that is really really thoughtful of you. shawn said “i really don’t know what you want me to say here, you’re not old?” thank you, shawn, that was so gracious. no, cyberspace, i’m not looking for affirmation here. just thought i’d share a story gone terribly wrong on 3 separate occasions.
so now i’m back at college, i’m going to lay in bed and get some reading done. not even college reading, i can’t stop reading franny and zooey but i keep putting it down so i don’t finish it. sounds backwords, but if you’ve read a good book i think you’ve felt that way before. (at least i hope you’ve felt it)

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