You know you live in Northeast Ohio when…

  • You drive around with the windows down and the heat blasting….when it’s 40 degrees for a high
  • You wash your car, by hand when the heat wave hits around 45 degrees
  • You go to work with a coat, gloves, and a hat on…you leave work thinking your cool with just a long sleeve shirt on
  • You head down to the local Wal-Mart and see multiple people in camo shorts (in March)
  • You are in a traffic jam because of ‘sun glare’ AKA, it’s sunny, were not used to it, we ran out of windshield washer fluid, and we are yet to put the sunglasses back in the car
  • Your home team is set to break the World Record of most snuggies worn inside a building (The Cavs)
  • the Cavs win the Championship in June, this place will burn (out of pure Joy)
  • the Cavs make it to the Finals, and don’t win (I had to say it), this place will burn (out of pure Rage)

I was bored right before lunch and didn’t feel like taking more than ten minutes to write something up.
I am loving everybody’s entries as of lately…including you SB!  Where is Padraic at?


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