Shall We Do Some Blessing Counting??

1. SNOW DAY ON FRIDAY!! – This is not just a Snow Day, but initiation into the teaching profession!
2. Realizing how sweet I felt playing BBALL against my college friends (but really only because none of them are over 5’10)

3. Reuniting with an old friend from Freshman year only to find out he hasn’t changed in 4 years!
4. Dusting of the XBOX to find out that having 9 controllers does not guarantee that 4 will work
5. Grocery Shopping at Kroger on Saturdays – what bread-crumbed chicken breast (Transition)
6. Collaborating with Ms. Katelyn Bonko towards a mystical dinner
7. Spending a Saturday night with Katelyn baking muffins (berry berry or banana nut? It was a tough call)
8. Great Sunday Morning Church Service
9. Awesome Spinach Salad for dinner (Spinach Salad + Caesar Dressing = Happy Shawn)
10. Blogging on a site named “dontgochasingwaterfalls” on a Sunday Night…named by a few of the coolest girls I know I might add

ps. Really enjoying your posts Chris(-TOPHER)…keep it up, you are not alone, I am here with you (MJ??)


One thought on “Shall We Do Some Blessing Counting??

  1. Chris says:

    haha! Woot woot, SB! I thought I was alone in this wonderful world. I haven't been able to write anything in a little while because things are pretty intense right now, work is so ridiculously busy that sometimes I don't even want to take a lunch, then I realize how crazy that sounds! Keep up the good work sir, maybe I will write a response article to this!


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